Document Searching

  • Enterprise Class Search Engine Technology
  • Search metadata of all documents with instant results.
  • Apart from the default searching (mentioned above) the Document Register supports searching on multiple values which are based upon user input. 


Version Control

Any user with permission can check out a document. DocMastR changes the status of the document to “Checked-out” in the metadata database. No other user can now sign out the same document at the same time, but other users can still view the released version. The new “owner” of the document makes changes using whatever application normally used to edit the document. When the modifications are complete, the owner submits the document for approval. Once approved the document is checked back into DocMastR. DocMastR moves the original version to a history location and places the new version in the repository; allowing users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point.


Dynamic Document Register

  • Automatically available as a pdf for client status reporting.


Transmittal Management

  • Document Controller Creates Transmittal.
  • The Transmittal “Send” action triggers a workflow to send the Transmittal to the Project Manager for review. The Project Manager can:
    • Approve Transmittal – in which case it is automatically sent to the client and distribution list.
    • Reject Transmittal – in which case it is returned to the Document Controller with comments.
    • Delete Transmittal – in which case the Transmittal is deleted.


Checking Out Documents

  • The Document Details screen can be opened by clicking on a Document from either the main screen, the document register or the document search screens. The document can be Checked Out by clicking the Check-Out Icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Bulk Check-Out is provided via a process known as the “Process Basket”.


Checking In Documents

  • When a document is checked in it is replaced with a newer version, the older version is stored separately from the previous version.


Bulk Document Upload

  • Drag and Drop for easy addition of existing documents.
  • Ability to link to Document Scanner network folders for automatic document addition.


Workflow & Email Notification

  • Document review processes can be applied when adding or checking in documents.
  • Reviewer can approve or reject a new document or a changed document.
  • Workflow expiration times for escalation to senior management.
  • Email notification workflows for authorization processes.


Printable Master Document Register (MDR)

  • Automatically updated to reflect the most up to date revision of each document issued.


Permission Based File Control

  • Confidential (Super User access only - document cannot be transmitted)
  • Private (Admin and User access - document can be included in transmittal)
  • Public (Client/Vendor access - document can be included in transmittal)


File Based History

  • An absolute full history of actions.


Document Tamper Protection

  • Once a document is submitted for approval DocMastR stores an encrypted signature (Hash Code) within the metadata database.
  • Any modification to the document will then be detected and flagged as a modification.
  • 100% Web Based Interface: No FTP required. Upload files directly from your web browser.


Archiving of Deleted Files

  • Files that are deleted are put into an "archive" state and can be left there until un-archived, or permanently deleted.



  • DocMastR provides a major reporting engine: Telerik Reports. 
  • All reports can be exported as “PDF”, “Excel”, “Word”, “PowerPoint”, ”Rich Text Format”, “TIF”, “Web Archive”  or “CSV” file for further modifications and formatting.


Late/Look-ahead Reports

  • Look-Ahead reports are pro-active and alert document owners of the documents due within the look-ahead period, thus they assist in forward planning individual’s workloads.
  • Late reports result in a reactive response. Documents appear on the Late report either because the forecast issue date was unrealistic in the first place, in which case it should be re-forecast, or, because Client, company or Vendor are overdue creating or reviewing the document.


Web Based Report Designer

  • Enables any authorized user to create, style, view and export bespoke reports. 
  • Publish reports for use by other authorised users.
  • Has been used for automatic creation of Calibration Certificates, Safety Certificates, etc.


Automatic Databooks

  • Automated Completion, Handover and Data-book Management
  • Cover page automatically completed with project details
  • Table of Contents – automatically created table of contents based upon documents selected, ordering and any renaming
  • Section Separators – automatically created section separators
  • Function to print all documents in Databook
  • Function download contents to zip File
  • Client Specific – Cover Page based upon client profile 


Tested Document Formats

  • Current tested document formats include: Microsoft Office Files, PDF, JPG, TIFF, AutoCAD (Including X References), MP4, MP3, and ZIP Files.


Browser Support

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari


Fully Configurable System

  • Fully Configurable System designed to meet your company's unique requirements.