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Used on major projects in the US Gulf of Mexico,
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SAAS Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Engineering Document Management

Quotes "It is certainly far more than a simple document management tool, more an overall enterprise information/knowledge management system"

"Say goodbye to endless hours spent sorting through piles of paper or digging through cluttered folders on your computer. DocMastR uses advanced algorithms to automatically categorize and organize your documents based on content, keywords, tags, and metadata. With just a few clicks, you can easily locate any document you need, saving you time and frustration."

  • • DocMastR stores documentation and connects project teams using document management
  • • Easy controlled access of documentation to the entire organization including Clients, Vendors and Suppliers
  • • Transmittal management of all Client and Vendor Documents
  • • Automated Master Document Register (MDR) 
  • • Look-Ahead reports are pro-active and alert document owners of the documents due within the look-ahead period, thus they assist in forward planning individual’s workloads
  • • Late reports result in a reactive response. Documents appear on the Late report either because the forecast issue date was unrealistic in the first place, in which case it should be re-forecast, or, because Client, company or Vendor are overdue creating or reviewing the document
  • • Greenbook Technology - Proposal Management
  • • Automated Databook Generation
  • • Bespoke Reporting
  • • Fully Configurable System designed to meet your company's unique requirements


True Security - Choose the DocMastR Cloud solution and your information will be hosted on our replicated servers - across multiple providers (ISPs) for reliability.

Software is built to deliver ultimate performance - taking advantage of the latest hardware acceleration and cutting-edge UI virtualization.


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DocMastR stores documentation and connects project teams using document management/